Afghana Foundation is the strategic charity partner of Hotak Healthcare allowing us to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by helping victims of terrorism, war and poverty in one of the most disadvantaged nations in the world. 

Afghana Foundation is an international charitable organisation based in United States and United Kingdom, which provides humanitarian and developmental relief to communities in the war ravaged and poverty stricken regions of Afghanistan.

The charity is run by highly qualified, renown and respected business leaders from Afghanistan, United Kingdom and United States as part of their philanthropic commitment to Afghanistan.

Afghana Foundation is committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, aiming to run and support projects in the following sectors:

  • Humanitarian Emergency Relief
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Capacity building and community developmen
  • Woman and child welfare
  • Water and sanitation
  • Advocacy and campaigning for human rights

To learn more about Afghana Foundation, please click here.