Hotak Healthcare is the brainchild of two committed social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and healthcare professionals, who have taken it up on themselves to reduce human suffering and improve people’s quality of life. 


Dr Hotak is the co-founder of Hotak Healthcare and a medical doctor turned serial social entrepreneur, philanthropist and young leader. He is driven by his unquenchable thirst to solve global problems that humanity and societies face. Dr Hotak is a strong tri-sector leader with extensive experience in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. As a serial entrepreneur, he is the Founder of Central and South Asia Business, London Partners Corporation, Afghanistan Investment Fund and Afghana Foundation. He is a national and internationally renowned speaker in the media, think-tanks, academia, conferences and seminars.

Dr Hotak holds an MBChB in Medicine from Leeds Medical School and certificates in International Organization Management, Smart Business Growth, Entrepreneurship, Globalisation and Leadership.


Farhad Hotak is the second co-founder of Hotak Healthcare and a pharmacist turned social entrepreneur. He is committed to using his knowledge of science and pharmacy to improve people’s quality of life and contribute to making our communities healthier. Farhad has extensive experience in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder and board member of International Business Tribune, London Partners Corporation and Afghana Foundation. Farhad writes extensively on the pharmaceutical industry, community pharmacy, healthcare sector and business in numerous journals.

Farhad holds a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) with honours from University of Bradford, United Kingdom.


Mr. Nasir is a talented and passionate business leader with over 10 years of experience. He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience multiple sectors and industries. Prior to joining Hotak Healthcare, Mr Nasir has been the business development and marketing mind behind the success of Shadizai & Brothers group of companies.

He is fluent in English, Pashto, Dari and Urdu and has deep understanding of British Asian business affairs. Mr Nasir holds Bachelor of Business of Administration.


CAROL TAYLOR – Head of Hotak Hospitals Management

Carol  has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and has held a number of executive roles in leading private hospitals and healthcare services companies in United Kingdom and United States. She is a committed advocate for driving healthcare improvements and efficiency, and for creating greater collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Carol holds an MBA with healthcare specialism focused on innovation, performance improvement and strategic leadership in healthcare from University of Warwick. She also has a degree in Nursing from Plymouth University.

WILLIAM BLACK – Head of Hotak Health & Beauty

William has worked in the health and beauty industry for his entire life as a lead chemist. He has led the development of many advanced health and beauty products for the in-house brand, private labels and contract manufacturing customers. William has a vast wealth of industry relevant experience in cosmetic chemistry, product manufacturing, branding and marketing in United Kingdom, Europe and United States. He has held numerous prestigious positions in a number of health and beauty products manufacturing companies.

William has a Bachelor of Chemistry and Master of Pharmacy from University College London.

JACK HARRISON – Head of Hotak Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Jack is leading the Hotak Pharmaceutical Wholesale operations. He comes from a strong background in supply chain management, pharmaceutical wholesales and operations management. With over 20 years of experience working with leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in UK, Jack oversees Hotak Healthcare’s logistics, stocks, compliance, legal and sales operations.
Jack has a Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from University of Greenwich.